Editing a Role - VPConnect - English - Foundation 22.1 - OnBase - external


Foundation 22.1
  1. Click the Edit button for the role you want to modify.
  2. Use the drop-down list in the Type column to select the appropriate role.

    The options for the role type are:

    • VP Admin: Used for the VPConnect Administrator role only. This comes installed by default with the system and should never be deleted. It must exist within the system and your VPConnect administrator(s) user accounts should be assigned to this role.

    • Vendor: This role is used to define any external user of the system. Typically you would set up a role for the Vendors Admin with access to certain admin type menu choices and one or more of these same roles for end users that have access to non-admin type menu choices.

    • User: This role is intended for internal users of VPConnect within your company.

  3. Click Update to save the change to the role type.