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Foundation 22.1

This menu item allows you to make changes to a user account that has already been set up in the system. Resetting passwords, resending emails, and modifying vendor number assignments can all be managed from this menu item.

  1. Select the menu Administration | User Administration. The User Administration screen is displayed.
  2. Select the Search Type from the drop-down list. The Quick search type searches the User ID, Last Name, Middle Name. First Name, Email, and Phone fields. Partial search criteria are allowed. This causes the system to perform a "begins with" search.

    For systems with large volumes of users, other options are available that allow you to search on a specific field.

  3. Click Search. If a match is found, that record from the database is displayed. Passwords are never displayed in this list.
  4. Find the user that you want to modify and click the Select link at the left of that row. The information for the user is displayed in the User Settings section below the row, and the fields can now be modified.
  5. You can now perform any of the following actions for this user account:
    • To delete the user account, click Delete User.

    • To reset the password, click Reset Password.

    • Modify the User ID, First/Middle/Last Name, Email, or Phone fields.

    • Use the Internal User check box to switch the account from an internal user to an external user or vice versa.

    • Modify the User Role using the drop-down list.

    • Manage the Vendor No list for external user accounts.

    • Modify the User Status:

      • <blank>: Account cannot be saved with this option.

      • Training Lock: Partially locks the user account so that they cannot log in until their training is complete. This option is only applicable when the Training Required check box has been selected on the New Vendor set up screen.

      • Inactive: Does not allow this user account to be used.

      • Active: Allows the user to log into the system using this user account.

    • To unlock a user account that may have been locked by too many login attempts, click Unlock User.

    • To authenticate the user account, click Approve User. This performs the same action as a new user clicking the authenticate link in the new user email they receive.

    • To resend an email to a new user when the automated mail failed due during a new user account setup, click Resend Email.

    • Select the Language to be used on the Invoice Upload screen for this user. Language options are:

      • English (US)

      • French

      • Spanish