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Foundation 22.1

Enter an AP Status filter from the drop-down list. This AP Status field represents the status of the payment in Costpoint. Invoices that have a non-blank AP Status value represent those that they have been fully approved in IAConnect and submitted to Costpoint and either pending payment or have been paid. If you do not select a Status, all records regardless of AP Status are displayed. The AP Status gets updated by a timer service running in the IAConnect workflow that is constantly polling Costpoint for status updates.

AP Status values in the drop-down list are displayed as follows:

  • UNSUBMITTED: A voucher has not been generated in Costpoint as of yet meaning the invoice still resides only in the IAConnect workflow.

  • HOLD: Voucher has been deferred for payment.

  • PAY: Voucher is ready to be paid.

  • PAYWPD: This designates a voucher that is not released for payment until a specific, designated A/R bill has been paid in full.

  • PPHOLD: Partially paid but the remainder of the balance is on hold.

  • PAID: The invoice has been fully paid.