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Foundation 22.1

Select a status filter from the drop-down list of available options. The Status field represents the status of the invoice approval in IAConnect. If you do not select a status, all records regardless of status are displayed. The following status values are available:

  • Unsubmitted: Shows all invoices that have been saved in VPConnect but have not been submitted to IAConnect for payment.

  • Received: Shows all submitted invoices. This status indicates that the record was submitted and received successfully to IAConnect. This stage is just prior to an invoice being submitted to the approval process.

  • In Process: Shows all submitted invoices in which the invoice is in the approval process.

  • Approved: Shows all submitted invoices that are in the approval process.

  • Rejected: Shows all submitted invoices that were rejected for any reason within IAConnect.

  • Submitted for Payment: The invoice has been fully approved within IAConnect and has been sent for payment. Once the Status field is set to this value, the AP Status field provides status of the actual payment.