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Foundation 22.1

The Purchase Order Query allows a user to search for all purchase orders that are assigned to a specific Supplier. It provides a listing of purchase orders, their status, and the funds remaining by line. This same view can be achieved by clicking the PO Detail button on any of the Query screens.

Getting Started:

  1. Select the menu item Inquiry | Purchase Order Query.
  2. If you have more than one vendor assigned to your user account, the Vendor ID and Vendor Name search fields are active. You can use the Search Vendor or Change Vendor button to look up the proper vendor record. If there is a single vendor number assigned to your user account, the system defaults to search for POs related to only that vendor ID.
  3. Enter a value into the Purchase Order Number field. Once you press Tab, a validation is performed to determine if the PO number you entered is valid. If it is not, the following error message is displayed: "This purchase order (PO-XXXXXX) does not exist or is not for this vendor."
  4. Select the appropriate BPO Number(Blanket Purchase Order). Only Blanket Purchase Orders have choices in the drop-down list beyond 0 (zero).
  5. Click Lookup PO. The details for the PO are displayed.