Entering Invoice Header Data - VPConnect - English - Foundation 22.1 - OnBase - external


Foundation 22.1
  1. Go to the menu item Invoices | Invoice Entry. The Invoice Entry screen is displayed.
  2. For external users, the Vendor ID and Vendor Name associated with your login account are filled in automatically at the top of the screen. For internal users, the Vendor ID and Vendor Name fields are blank, and you can either enter the information or click Search Vendor to look up the vendor information.
  3. Enter a valid PO number in the Purchase Order field. Press Tab and the PO number is validated. You can click the magnifying glass button next to the Purchase Order field to view that PO information.
  4. If the PO number is valid, the BPO Release Number field is filled in with all open PO release numbers.

    For blank purchase orders, you must select the appropriate BPO Release Number to continue. You cannot select 0 if it is a blanket purchase order. You must select a release number of 1 or higher.

    A PO that has been previously invoiced can accept Credit entries against it.


    For internal users, any PO in Costpoint with a PO Type of V=Void or C=Closed is considered an invalid PO. A PO with a status of S=System Closed can only have credits entered against it.

  5. Enter an Invoice Number. This number should be unique for the supplier submitting the invoice. The system automatically detects if this invoice number has been used before by the same supplier. That means that invoice numbers on Rejected invoices cannot be used again. This field is required.

    Alpha entries for invoice ID are automatically set to capital letters. A hyphen (-) is the only accepted special character contained in an invoice ID.

  6. The Currency field is populated automatically based on the currency in the purchase order and cannot be modified.
  7. By default, the Invoice Date is automatically populated with the current date, and the field is locked. (This feature is designed to prevent backdating invoices. Administrators can configure VPConnect so that any user, either internal or external, can change this date. See System Configuration.)
  8. Enter a Start and End period date for this invoice. These dates must be within the Period of Performance dates for the PO selected. Click each date field and select the date from the calendar. These fields are required.
  9. Enter anything into the Description field that helps identify this invoice. This field is not required.
  10. If labor detail is to be entered by hour then select the check box for Labor. If only summary information is required, then leave the check box unselected.
  11. If travel detail is to be entered then select the check box for Travel. If only summary information is required, then leave the check box unselected.
  12. Once all the required fields have been entered, click Create Invoice to initiate a new invoice. This action creates an invoice header record in the system database. You can now add Labor, Travel, and/or ODC/Fee line records to this invoice.