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Foundation 22.1

Labor line records are added to an invoice to indicate labor expenses incurred by the supplier. You can enter labor information by employee for as many employees as appropriate for the time period that the invoice covers.

To enter a labor line record with detail, the Detail Required | Labor check box in the invoice header must be selected.

  1. Click Add Labor to start entering a labor record. The Invoice Labor Entry With Detail screen is displayed.
  2. Enter the Employee ID and Employee Name, or use the magnifying glass button next to Employee ID to locate an existing employee record.
  3. If applicable, to add a new employee to the database, click the Create New link next to Employee ID. Enter the Employee Name and click Save. For more information, see Adding Employee Information.
  4. Select the Week Period that the labor detail is to be entered. The default is the first week of the billing period entered in the invoice header.
  5. Click Add Labor Line to start entering the daily detail.
  6. Click the Edit link to begin daily entry.
  7. Enter the PO Line number in the PO Ln field to apply this charge against, and click Validate. The system ensures that the PO Line and PO Line Type are valid for the selected transaction type and that there are funds remaining.
  8. Select the appropriate PLC Description from the drop-down list, if required.
  9. Enter the hourly Rate that is to be charged for this employee.
  10. Select the appropriate Rate Type from the drop-down list. Rate Type options are:
    • Regular

    • OT (Overtime)

    • Double

    • Triple

  11. Enter labor hours per each day in the week, as required.
  12. Click the Update link when the line entry is complete.
  13. To include additional PO lines or rate types for the selected employee, click Add Labor Line again and follow the same steps to enter the labor information for each additional line.
  14. When all labor lines have been entered and updated, click Save & Close to save the record and exit the screen, or click Save & New to save the record and start entering a new line record.