Labor Line Record: Summary - VPConnect - English - Foundation 22.1 - OnBase - external


Foundation 22.1

Labor line records are added to an invoice to indicate labor expenses incurred by the supplier. You can enter labor information by employee for as many employees as appropriate for the time period that the invoice covers.

To enter a labor line record in summary form, the Detail Required | Labor check box in the invoice header must be unselected.

  1. Click Add Labor to start entering a labor record. The Invoice Labor Entry screen is displayed.
  2. Enter the Employee ID and Employee Name, or use the magnifying glass button next to Employee ID to locate an existing employee record.
  3. If applicable, to add a new employee to the database, click the Create New link next to Employee ID. Enter the Employee Name and click Save. For more information, see Adding Employee Information.
  4. Enter the PO Line number to apply this charge against, and click Validate. The system ensures that the PO Line and PO Line Type are valid for the selected transaction type and that there are funds remaining.
  5. Enter the PLC Code(Project Labor Code) or click the magnifying glass button next to PLC Code to select the code from a drop-down list of valid PLCs.
  6. Enter the Start Date and End Date. The start and end dates reflect the period in which these labor hours were used. These dates must be within the period of performance dates of the PO line as well as the period of performance dates of the invoice header.
  7. Enter the Total Rate at which this employee worked.
  8. Enter the Total Hours the employee worked between the start to the end dates.
  9. The Total Amount is calculated automatically.

    Total Amount may be entered manually if the Total Rate and Total Hours fields are not populated.

  10. The ITD and YTD Hours/Amount fields are available for suppliers to enter this data if they want to track it within this system. These values reflect the contract inception-to-date and year-to-date charges. VPConnect does not keep a running total on this data. These are not required fields.
  11. Click Save & Close to save the record and exit the screen, or click Save & New to save the record and start entering a new line record.