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Foundation 22.1

In order for OnBase to work with the Hyland Cloud, you must configure a media provider to the correct service address.


Before configuring the media provider, you must obtain the service address and authentication password for the provider. See your system administrator for more information.

To configure the media provider:

  1. Open the OnBase Configuration tool.
  2. From the Utils menu, select Media Services | Media Provider. The Media Provider Configuration dialog box is displayed.
  3. In the field on the bottom of the box, type a name for your server.
  4. Click Create. The Media Provider Settings dialog box is displayed.

    The information provided in this dialog box is used to authenticate the calls that the application server makes to the Hyland Cloud.

  5. In the Authentication Name field, enter the Hyland Cloud authentication name.

    If the Save button is not activated, you may need to enter a value in the Authentication Name field.

  6. In the Authentication Password field, enter the Hyland Cloud authentication password.
  7. In the Service Address field, type the address for the Hyland Cloud. The service address URL should be accessible by the Application server, you may check network firewall settings to check if you need to whitelist the URL.

    The Media Provider configuration values will be the same for both the Test and Production environments of OnBase. For the EP1 and EP3 releases of the software, you will need the Media Server license to allow this setting to be accessed. Please contact your account manager if this has not been discussed.

  8. Click Save.