Setting up a Media User Group - Video - English - Foundation 22.1 - OnBase - Essential - Premier - Standard - external - Standard - Essential - Premier


Foundation 22.1

The user assigned to Video, must belong to a User Group that has the Media Streaming privilege assigned to it. This User Group must also have the media document types assigned to it.

To set up a user group for Video:

  1. Open the OnBase Configuration tool.
  2. From the Users menu, select User Groups / Rights. The User Groups & Rights dialog box is displayed.
  3. In the field at the bottom of the box, type a name for your new User Group.
  4. Click Create. The group is added to the User Group Name text box.
  5. Select the user group you created, and click Document Types. The Assigning Document Types for <your user group> Group dialog box is displayed.
  6. From the Available for Selection | Document Type Groups panel, select the Document Type Group to which you added the Media Document Type.
  7. Click Add. The Document Type Group is moved to the Selected for Group | Document Type Groups panel.
  8. Click the Media Document Type from the A vailable for Selection | Document Types panel.
  9. Click Add. The Media document type is moved to the Selected for Group | Document Types panel.
  10. Click Close.
  11. Click Privileges. The Assigning User Group Privileges for <your user group> dialog box is displayed.
    • In the Documents section, select the Retrieve/View check box.

    • In the Client Features section, select the Media Streaming check box. This allows the media publisher service to work properly, and to allow users assigned to this group to use the Media Stream file types.

  12. Click Save, and then click Exit to close the User Groups & Rights dialog box.