Viewing Media Files from the Web Client - Video - English - Foundation 22.1 - OnBase - Essential - Premier - Standard - external - Standard - Essential - Premier


Foundation 22.1

To view media files in Web Client:

  1. From your web browser, login to the Web Client.
  2. From the Document Retrieval menu, select Document Retrieval.

    The Document Retrieval pane is displayed.

  3. From the Document Types section, select the Document Type Group to which the Hyland Cloud document type belongs, and then select the document type.
  4. Click Search. A list of documents is displayed in the Document Search Results list.
  5. Double-click the document from the Document Search Results list to view the media file in the Viewer:

When viewing the media file in the Viewer, a control bar is available allowing you to play, pause and stop the video.

The control bar is visible for approximately two seconds, and then it is hidden. To view the control bar after it has been hidden, move your mouse over the video to display it for another two seconds. If you pause a video, the control bar remains on the screen until the video is played.


If you click or drag the control bar while the video is playing, the video is paused and remains paused until the Play button is selected.

You can use the following keys on your keyboard to manage the control bar:

  • Spacebar or Enter: Pressing this key pauses the video. Once paused, press this key again to play continue playing the video.

  • Up/Down Arrows: Advances (Up arrow) or reverses (Down arrow) the video by five seconds.

  • Left/Right Arrows: Increases (Right arrow) or decreases (Left arrow) the volume.

  • M key: Mutes or unmutes the video.

  • Number keys. Pressing the number keys (0 - 9) advances or reverses the video depending on what percentage of the video has played. For example, 0 moves the video to the beginning, 1 moves the video to 10%, 5 moves the video to 50%, 9 moves the video to 90%, etc.