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Foundation 23.1

You must create a document type in OnBase Configuration that is configured to use the media stream file format, and that points to the Hyland Cloud media provider.

To set a document type for media in the OnBase Configuration tool:

  1. Open the OnBase Configuration tool.
  2. From the Document menu, select Document Types. The Document Types dialog box is displayed.
  3. In the field at the bottom of the box, type a name for your new document type.
  4. Click Create. The configuration dialog box for your new document type is displayed.
  5. From the Document Type Group drop-down list, select a group used to categorize the document type.
  6. From the Default File Format drop-down list, select Media Stream. This value is important in order to ensure that the Viewer in either Unity Client or Web Client knows to request a stream to play from the Hyland Cloud.
  7. From the Default Disk Group, select a disk group to which to associate the document type.
  8. When all the options are set, click Save.