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Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint

Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

A query displays all folders that satisfy specific criteria within a Folder Type. This option is helpful if folders should be added to the portlet automatically upon creation.

  1. Under Folder List Type, select Query.
  2. Select the Folder Type for the query.
  3. Under Date Options, select or enter the date range of folders to be retrieved. Select None to use no date constraints.
  4. Under Folder Keywords, enter any Keyword values for folders to be retrieved. Available fields vary depending on the selected Folder Type. If no Keyword Types are assigned to the Folder Type, then no Keyword fields are available.

    The configuration must contain at least one constraint. Either a date option other than None must be selected, or at least one Keyword value must be provided.

  5. To allow users to also search for folders, select Folder Search.
  6. From the Display Results In drop-down, select how the user's folder search results should be displayed. This option is available only if you selected Folder Search.
    • New Window —Folder search results are displayed in a new Folders window.

    • Same Window —Folder search results are displayed in a Results tab within the current portlet.


    The Display Results In setting does not apply to the folders returned by the configured folder query. When a user selects a folder query result, the folder is opened in the Folders window.

  7. Click Save.