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Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint

Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

Use this option to display one or more specific folders that are referred to often. If the portlet should display folders that belong to the same Folder Type and meet specific criteria, use the folder query option described in the previous topic.

  1. Under the Folder List Type drop-down, select Selected.
  2. Click a file cabinet to display its folders.
  3. Select the check box next to each folder or file cabinet the portlet should display.
    • The portlet will display both the selected folder and any child folders within the selected folder. If you do not want to display all child folders, clear the check box next to the parent folder, and select only the child folders you want to display.


      If a folder is configured with the Only Display Child Folders from Search option, only the child folders will be displayed.

    • If you individually select all child folders within a parent folder, the parent folder will be automatically selected.


      Click the Clear All button to clear all current selections.

  4. To allow users to also search for folders, select Folder Search.
  5. From the Display Results In drop-down, select how the user's folder search results should be displayed. This option is available only if you selected Folder Search.
    • New Window —Folder search results are displayed in a new Folders window.

    • Same Window —Folder search results are displayed in a Results tab within the current portlet.


    The Display Results In setting does not apply to the folders you selected from the folder tree. These folders and their contents are displayed within the portlet.

  6. Click Save.