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Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint

Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 22.1

There are several process options available when viewing documents.

  1. From an open document, right-click and select Process.
  2. Select one of the process options described in the following table:



    Rotate All Pages 180

    Rotates all pages of the document 180 degrees from their current positions.


    This option is only available for image documents.


    Reverses the colors in the color palette. For example, black pixels become white and white pixels become black.

    A document is inverted only for the duration of its viewing session. When the document is closed, it resumes its default color properties. Selecting Save Rotation does not save the inverted document.

  3. Right-click and select Process | Save Rotation to save the rotation. A confirmation message is displayed.

    Clicking Save Rotation saves each individual page of the document with any rotations that have been applied to it.

    If you haven't selected the User Option Rotate Auto-Save in the OnBase Client or Web Client, and you don't select Save Rotation, the document retains the rotation for the current viewing session and resumes its default display properties upon closing. The document is displayed with its default properties the next time the document is opened.


    You can only save rotations on image documents.