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Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint

Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 23.1

Once you've configured the Web Part DWP file, you must upload and activate it for your SharePoint site.

To upload and activate the Web Part DWP file:

  1. Go to the top-level site for your Web application (e.g., http://servername:80/default.aspx).
  2. Click the Settings gear icon and select Site Settings.
  3. Under Web Designer Galleries, click Web Parts.
  4. Click the Files tab.
  5. Click the Upload Document button.
  6. Browse to the OnBase StatusViewWebpart.dwp file and click OK.
  7. Click Save to confirm the settings.
  8. Select Settings | Site Settings.
  9. Under Site Collection Administration, click Site Collection Features.
  10. Next to the OnBase StatusView Web Part, click Activate.
  11. Add the Web Part to your SharePoint Web pages and configure them to display OnBase information. See StatusView Web Part Configuration Overview.

    If the Web Part does not work properly, verify that the OnBase server URL is correct by viewing the Web Part's XML in the Web Part gallery. If the URL is incorrect, edit the DWP file and re-upload it to the site's Web Part gallery. For additional troubleshooting steps, see Troubleshooting.