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Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 23.1

The Workflow Queue Activity portlet uses information stored in the Workflow log. If the Workflow log has been purged within the time frame you are monitoring, the information displayed may not be accurate.

In OnBase Configuration, ensure that logging is not disabled on the queue which contains the task that you want to monitor. Ensure Log Execution is enabled for each top level Task List that you wish to monitor.


This portlet requires a Business Activity Monitoring license. In addition, users must be granted appropriate rights to life cycles and queues.

  1. Select the life cycle from the Life Cycle Name drop-down list.
  2. Select the queue you want to monitor from the Available Queues drop-down list.
  3. Select the information you want the portlet to display. You must select at least one option.
    • Document Source- Adds a pane displaying where the documents in the queue transitioned from. The pane displays transitional queues only. The source is not displayed for documents entering the selected queue through an import process or through document import.

    • Tasks Performed- Adds a pane displaying the tasks performed at the task list level, including system work, timer work, and ad-hoc user task lists. Actions and rule-level work are not included. A disabled task is counted if there is an attempt to execute it (e.g., through system or timer work). Because the Workflow Queue Activity portlet uses the Workflow log, Log Execution must be enabled for the tasks in the Configuration module.

    • Document Destination- Adds a pane displaying where the documents in the selected queue transitioned to. The pane displays transitional queues only. The destination is not displayed for documents transitioned out of the life cycle or deleted upon exiting the queue.

  4. Select the time frame you want to monitor.
    • Select Today to display all activity that occurred on the current date.

    • Select Time Frame to configure the period you want to monitor. From the Time Frame Units drop-down, select Minutes, Hours, Days, or Weeks. In the Time Frame Value field, enter the number of minutes, hours, days or weeks you want to monitor.

  5. Select Queue Statistics to include a pane displaying the queue's name, document count, and oldest entry date.
  6. To display a Keyword Type's combined value for all documents in the queue, select the Keyword Type from the drop-down list. This field is available only if the Queue Statistics option is selected.

    For example, if Amount is selected, the Amount values on all documents in the queue are added together. The portlet will display the Keyword Type and combined value from all documents in the queue.


    Floating Point Keyword Types are not supported for Keyword sums.

  7. Click Save.