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Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint

Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 23.1
  1. Ensure both the OnBase Web Server URL and the SharePoint server's URL are members of the same security zone in Internet Explorer.
  2. Ensure you have sufficient SharePoint permissions to configure Web Parts. See your system administrator for information on rights assigned to you.
  3. During configuration, if you cannot see a list of available portlets, first confirm that you have sufficient privileges, and then verify that the following security settings are set to Enable or Prompt for the Web Server's security zone:
    • Access data sources across domains

    • Navigate sub-frames across different domains

    To change settings for the security zone, select the zone from the Security tab and click Custom Level. These settings are in the Miscellaneous category.

  4. If your solution uses an HTTPS binding, ensure that the Use TLS x.x setting is selected on the Advanced tab in Internet Options. This setting is in the Security category.

    If you still cannot see a list of portlets after checking these options, check the installation. The ContentLink URL in the OnBase StatusViewWebpart.dwp file must exactly match the dmsVirtualRoot value in the Web Server's web.config file. The URL also is case sensitive. Ensure the cases match as well.