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Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint

Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 23.1

Depending on the portlet's setup, you may be able to conduct folder searches within the portlet.


If your user has no configured rights to view any folder types, an error message is displayed: There are no folder types available for searching.

  1. If necessary, click the Folder Query tab.

    The Folder Query tab is present only if the portlet is configured to both search for folders and display a list of folders by default.

  2. Select a Folder Type from the Folder Type drop-down.

    If any Keyword Types are assigned to the selected Folder Type, Keyword Type fields are displayed.


    If the Folder Type has one or more Keyword Types, then at least one valid Keyword Value must be entered. You cannot retrieve folders by entering only space characters or asterisks (*).

  3. Enter Keyword values as necessary.
    • You can use all functionality of Keywords in the folder search, including adding additional instances of a Keyword Type or Keyword Type Group, or using Wildcard or Boolean operators to narrow the search.

    • If a Folder Type requires a Keyword value to be provided, the required Keyword Type is displayed in red.

    • To clear all Keyword values, click Clear.

  4. Click Search to find all folders matching the criteria.
    • If the portlet is configured to display search results within the portlet, then the Results tab displays the folders retrieved by your search.

      See Browsing Folders.

    • If the portlet is configured to display search results in a new window, the Folders window is displayed.

      See Navigating the Folders Window.