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Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint

Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 23.1

Folders provide an additional interface for grouping documents for easy retrieval. This interface consists of file cabinets that contain folders.

  • Each folder is based on a Folder Type. Folder Types determine a folder's setup, which includes the documents it can contain, whether documents are pulled into the folder automatically, and the folder's Keyword information.

  • Folders are assigned Keyword Types by your system administrator. You can search for folders by Keyword Value.

  • A folder can contain documents from multiple Document Types.

  • A document can reside in multiple folders. Because the document resides in OnBase, it retains all permissions, properties, Keyword Values, document handle, and right-click menus (among other features).

  • Folders can be configured to automatically store documents based on Keyword Values as they enter OnBase.

  • Depending on your privileges and how Folder Types are configured, you can create and delete folders and change their Keyword Values.