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Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 23.1

When you save a document to file, the default File Name is based on the document's Auto-Name. For example, if the document name is Checking Statement Acct#1020 and you save it as a .tif file, the default file name is Checking Statement Acct#1020.tif


The Auto-Name may be truncated to keep the file name below 256 characters. A Microsoft limitation restricts the full path to a file to a maximum of 260 characters. For more information, see

If the default Save As location already contains a file with a matching file name, OnBase automatically appends the new file's name with an underscore and an incremental number. For example, if Checking Statement Acct#1020 already exists in the default Save As location, OnBase will name the new file Checking Statement Acct#1020_1.tif. See Character Substitutions for more information.