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Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint

Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 23.1

To edit a note in the Notes dialog box:

  1. Open the Notes dialog box using one of the following methods:
    • Right-click a document in the Document Search Results list and select Notes.

    • Right-click an open document in the Document Viewer and select Notes | View Notes.

    • Click the Note(s) section of the status bar.

    • From an open OLE document (such as a Microsoft Office document or PDF):

      • Select Edit | Notes from the OLE viewer menu.

      • Click Edit on an open note in the Notes pane.

    The Notes dialog box is displayed.

    Example of the Notes dialog box, listing the notes on a sample document.
  2. Select the note to be edited from the Notes list.
  3. Edit the text in the Note Text box. Right-click for additional text editing options. The character counter displays the remaining characters allowed in the note.
  4. Click Save to save the note to the document and keep the Notes dialog box open, or Save and Close to save the note and close the Notes dialog box.