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Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint

Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint
Foundation 23.1

A redaction is a special kind of annotation used to hide confidential information on an image or text document. A redaction is a permanent black or white rectangle that obscures an area of the document.

A sample document with a redacted part..

Redactions can be created and saved on image documents, text documents, and Image Rendered PDFs that are part of Document Types configured to allow redactions. See your system administrator to verify whether a Document Type has been configured for redactions.

A redaction cannot be deleted (or undone) once it has been saved. When a redaction is saved, the redacted document is stored either as a new document in another Document Type or as a revision of the current document. How the redacted document is stored depends on your system's configuration.


Depending on your system's configuration, redaction annotations may be available from the annotations drop-down list. These annotations are supported only in the OnBase Client and Unity Client and should not be used for creating permanent redactions in the Web Client.


If a note, redaction, burned markup, or deficiency is not in the location you expect, do not save or sign the document until the location has been corrected by your system administrator. When the document is saved or signed, the pending redaction, burned markup, or deficiency is permanently placed in the shifted location. The shifting of notes that do not permanently alter the document can be corrected any time by your system administrator.