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Web Services Publishing

Web Services Publishing
Foundation 22.1

The Web Services Publishing module allows you to create IIS-based web services that are custom-tailored for your OnBase solution. When published, these web services provide a custom API for use by internal or external users, or third-party applications. You can define the behavior of the custom API using EIS operations that make use of your OnBase data types (i.e., Custom Queries, Document Types, E-Forms, Unity Scripts, Unity Forms, etc). For example, you could create a web service designed to create an invoice, update a purchase order, or create an E-Form.

When configuring a web service, you must first define a web project. A web project is a container that stores one or more web services, and defines common properties for these web services. Each web service in the project is a unique endpoint on an IIS Web Server. Each web service contains one or more web operations. A web operation is the actual command to do work on an OnBase object (such as a document, Workflow Queue, E-Form, etc). When creating the web operation, you must specify the type of operation and the type of OnBase object the operation will be executed on.


Web services are only supported for IIS version 7 and above.

Legacy Web Services Publishing operations support UTF8 and UTF16 encodings.

Frictionless Web Services Publishing operations support the following encodings:

  • UTF-8

  • UTF-16

  • UTF-32

  • ISO-8859-1

  • Windows-1250

  • Windows-1251

  • Windows-1252

  • us-ascii

  • GB2312

  • GBK

  • EUC-KR

  • ISO-8859-9

  • ISO-8859-1

  • ISO-8859-2

  • Windows-1254

  • EUC-JP

  • Big5

  • IBM037

  • IBM437

  • IBM500