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Web Services Publishing

Web Services Publishing
Foundation 22.1

This operation allows you to dequeue messages generated by Message Broker. You can find more information on this operation in the Inbound Operations section of the Enterprise Integration Server documentation (known as the OnMessageReceived operation, within the MessageBroker category).


This operation is not supported for use with Frictionless Hosting. Web services with this web operation can only be published to an installer.

  1. Select the message type you want to dequeue, then click Next.

    You cannot configure a dequeue message operation for a message type that has been configured with a Send transformation. See the Message Broker documentation for information on configuring message types.


    You can filter the list of available message types by selecting a project from the EIS Messaging Projects drop-down list, and by typing text into the Find field.

    The Web Operation Details dialog box is displayed.
  2. Specify the name that you want to be displayed for your operation in the Display Name field. The specified name will be used to display the operation in the Integration Services tab of OnBase Studio.
  3. Specify an XML-compatible name for your operation in the XML Compatible Name (follows XML validation rules) field. Unicode characters are not supported.
  4. Click Finish. The newly created web operation is now available in the Integration Services tab of OnBase Studio.

    Any applications which call this operation should temporarily retain data provided on the request message in case of failure. OnBase does not store request data unless request execution is successful.