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Web Services Publishing

Web Services Publishing
Foundation 22.1

This operation allows you to create a Unity Form in OnBase directly from a line-of-business application. You can find more information on this operation in the Outbound Operations section of the Enterprise Integration Server documentation (known as the createunityform operation, within the EIS Operations category).

  1. Click on the Unity Form to be run when this operation is executed, then click Next.
    The Web Operation Details dialog box is displayed.
  2. Specify the name that you want to be displayed for your operation in the Display Name field. The specified name will be used to display the operation in the Integration Services tab of OnBase Studio.
  3. Specify an XML-compatible name for your operation in the XML Compatible Name (follows XML validation rules) field. Unicode characters are not supported.
  4. Click Next. The Keyword details dialog box is displayed.
  5. Select one or more Keyword Types to be used by your web operation.

    You can select and deselect the Include/Exclude all option to select or deselect all available Keyword Types.


    Any Keyword Types you exclude from this operation must have the Required option deselected. If the Required option is enabled for a Keyword Type that is excluded from the operation, that web operation will be unable to receive valid requests.


    Read-Only Keyword Types are not respected for this operation. Read-Only Keyword Types included in this operation can be modified when the operation is executed.

  6. All available keywords will automatically have an XML-compatible name generated. You can change this name if desired by selecting a Keyword Type and then modifying the Edit XML Compatible Name field and clicking Set.
    The value entered in this field will be truncated to 120 characters when saved to the database.
  7. Select the Required option for any Keyword Types that must appear on web operation of this type. If any Required Keyword Types are not present on a web operation, that web operation cannot be published.
  8. Click Finish. The newly created web operation is now available in the Integration Services tab of OnBase Studio.