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Web Services Publishing

Web Services Publishing
Foundation 22.1

It is recommended to publish to the Application Server if possible. You must publish to the Application Server if you intend to authenticate using Hyland IdP.

Depending on certain conditions, you may need to publish to an installer. You must publish to an installer if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The web project contains web services configured to use any security level other than Highest.

  • The web project contains any of the following web service operations:

    • Document Composition | Compose document

    • HIS Message Broker | Dequeue message

    • Medical Records | Update deficiency

  • You need to maintain legacy compatibility with web services that were previously published to an installer.

  • You need to use custom code to modify web service requests before they are sent to the Application Server.

See the following sections for information on how to publish a web project: