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Web Services Publishing

Web Services Publishing
Foundation 22.1

When a web project is published to the Application Server, the web service endpoints can be accessed immediately using the Application Server URL through Frictionless Hosting.


To publish web projects to the Application Server, your system must be configured to use Frictionless Hosting. See Using Frictionless Hosting.

To publish a web project to the Application Server:

  1. Open OnBase Studio and select a repository.
  2. Select the Integration Services tab from the Repositories panel.
  3. Expand the Web Service Publishing node. Existing web projects are displayed.
  4. Select the web project you want to publish.
  5. Click the Publish button from the Integration Services ribbon.
    A drop-down list is displayed.
  6. Click Publish to Application Server. You are prompted to save the open repository.
  7. Click Yes. The repository is saved and the web project is published. A publication notification is displayed.
    The web project is published to the Application Server, and all web services are installed.
  8. Verify that the installation was successful for all published web services. For more information, see Verifying Web Service Installation.