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Web Services Publishing

Web Services Publishing
Foundation 22.1

To verify that the installation of a web service was successful, use a web browser to visit the appropriate service page. For SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 web services, this service page is soapservice.svc, while for REST web services the service page is restservice.svc. For example:

Lowest security with SOAP: http://myHostMachine/myWSPWebProject_myLowestSecurityWebService/soapservice.svc

Medium security with REST: https://myHostMachine/myWSPWebProject_myHighestSecurityWebService/restservice.svc


A WSP web service can only be fully interacted with using the protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) that matches the web service's security setting, with the exception of the Medium-Low setting. The Highest and Medium security settings will only work fully over HTTPS, and the Lowest security setting will only work fully over HTTP. The Medium-Low security setting will work over HTTP or HTTPS.

After verifying that your web services were installed successfully you can consume them. See Consuming Web Services for more information.