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Web Services Publishing

Web Services Publishing
Foundation 22.1

If you are upgrading a system licensed for Web Services Publishing from version 17 or earlier of Web Services Publishing, Usage-Based Billing Setup is required. If you are upgrading a system that uses an Enterprise Web Services Publishing license or if you are installing a license certificate as part of your upgrade, this setup is not required.

If you are setting up Usage-Based Billing and you are not installing a license certificate, you must apply a licensing response code to your system. Depending on your solution, the response code is obtained from your solution provider or first line of support.


If you are upgrading an Application Server that reports usage statistics, do not apply a license certificate or set up Usage-Based Billing until after you have upgraded the Application Server. If you apply a license certificate or perform Usage-Based Billing setup before upgrading the Application Server from version 17 or earlier, the Application Server will not properly communicate your usage to Hyland, which could cause billing irregularities. Contact your first line of support for assistance if this happens.

To set up Usage-Based Billing:

  1. In the Configuration module, select Utils | Licensing | Usage-Based Billing Setup. The Usage-Based Billing Initialization dialog box is displayed.
  2. Copy the value in the Challenge Code field, and send it to your solution provider.
  3. In the Response Code field, paste the response code obtained from your solution provider.
  4. Click OK. The Usage-Based Billing setup is complete.