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WorkView Integration for Microsoft Outlook

WorkView Integration for Microsoft Outlook
Foundation 23.1

First, if you are going to enable favorites, ensure that the classes you are accessing have class titles configured. Class titles generate the object's autoname, which is used for the initial favorite item name.

As an administrator, you can configure applications to display favorites. You can specify the number of favorites you want listed. This is configured per application. If 0 is configured for the Maximum favorites field value, the favorites list is not available to users. To configure an application to display a user's favorite objects:

  1. Click the Edit global configuration settings button under the Contextual Pane.

    The global configuration dialog box is displayed

  2. Click on the Application Settings section.
  3. Select the application for which you would like to configure favorites.
  4. In the Maximum favorites field, enter the maximum number of favorite objects you want displayed.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Restart IIS.

    If the value of the Maximum favorites field is changed to a lower value, users will not be able to add more favorite objects until they have less that the specified maximum number of favorites.

Changes made in the OnBase Studio will be reflected in the WorkView Integration for Microsoft Outlook module's configuration options for favorites and vice versa.