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WorkView Integration for Microsoft Outlook

WorkView Integration for Microsoft Outlook
Foundation 23.1

In the event that a user syncs the wrong WorkView object to a contact, the sync association can be cleared. In addition, since a contact can only be synced with one application in a single datasource, the sync association will need to be cleared if another application and/or datasource needs to be used for syncing. To clear a sync association:

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, open the contact that is incorrectly syncing.
  2. Click the All Fields button.
  3. Ensure that User-defined fields in this item is selected from the Select from drop-down list.
  4. Select an item containing Hyland in the name and click Delete. Repeat this step for each item that has Hyland in the name.

If a WorkView object was incorrectly updated due to syncing, it must be corrected manually in the object. Likewise, if the contact was updated incorrectly, it must be corrected manually.