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Foundation 22.1

Depending on your configuration, you may be able to extend an existing object to a new object. For example, you may have a Customer object and that customer becomes a Platinum Customer. You could then extend that existing Customer object to a Platinum Customer object. The new object would inherit all appropriate information from the original object and may allow you to add additional information, as configured by your administrator. Then, a filter configured to show all Platinum Customers would automatically display that customer in the results.

If your system is configured for this functionality the following dialog box will be displayed under the following conditions:

  • An action is initiated from an object or when Create Object is clicked in an embedded filter in an object

  • There is more than one class to which an object can be extended:

When this dialog box is encountered, select the class you want to extend the object to and click OK. Once OK is clicked, the new extended object is created.