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WorkView Client

Foundation 22.1

Some filters that are embedded within a view offer editing objects and the objects associated with the filter. When this is available, an Edit button or option from a drop-down is displayed.

To enter edit mode, click the Edit button.


Depending on your configuration, Edit mode may be enabled by default.

Once in Edit mode, the filter will look similar to the following:


While in Edit mode, the buttons in the filter's toolbar are disabled. In addition, once the filter has been edited, you cannot save the object until the filter is saved.

Text in fields can be edited directly within the filter when in Edit Mode and the changes will be reflected in the object. Some fields may be read-only and it will not be possible to update them.


When HTML is entered into a Formatted Text field, the HTML must be valid to ensure the proper data is saved.

After entering a field, typing will remove the current value completely and it will be replaced with the new text entered. If you want to edit existing text without deleting it entirely, press F2 on the keyboard after placing your cursor in the field. This will allow you to edit existing text.


If there are parent and child data set attributes in the embedded filter, if the parent value is cleared in edit mode, the child value is cleared.

When a row is edited, the following icon is displayed next to the row.

You can move to the next cell by pressing Tab on the keyboard. If there is no invalid data, the row will be saved upon leaving the row.

If invalid data is entered into a field, the field will be highlighted in red. If the value is not corrected, you cannot return to normal mode until the invalid value is corrected. The following icon is displayed next to the row.

When there is a field that uses a date value, a date selection control is available to select the date using the appropriate format.

Column widths can be adjusted by dragging the border of the column header to the appropriate width.

When you are done making edits, you can click the Save Filter Data button.

In addition, when you save the object using Save, Save and Close, or Save and New, changes to the edited embedded filter are automatically saved.

To return to normal mode, click the Edit button again.