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Foundation 22.1

Fields with data sets will have a drop-down list associated with them. Clicking on the drop-down will display the data set configured for the attribute the field represents. In the example below, the data set was configured to only include managers that were pertinent to the business's process.

Alternately, you can type a partial value and data set values that match the characters entered will display. You can select the appropriate value by clicking on it or using the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard and press Enter when the appropriate value is selected.


If a data set's value depends on the value selected in another data set, only values related to the parent data set will be displayed for selection.


If a field is used for a child data set value and it is read-only, changing the parent data set value will mark the child data set value field invalid.


If you press Ctrl + the down key while in a field with a data set, all values that are available will be displayed. If you press just the down button, it will show you values that match the partial value you have entered into the field.