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Foundation 22.1

Fields with lookup properties will display the magnifying glass button () to the right of the field. This button signifies that the field has capabilities to “lookup” values that reside in another related attribute and use those values to populate the field. To use a lookup:

  1. Click the magnifying glass button. A filter results dialog box will display. If you know what value you are looking for, you can enter the text in the field and a list of values that match the entered characters is displayed. In addition, you can press Ctrl + the down arrow to see a list of the objects that can be used, regardless of the value entered in the field.

    Depending on your configuration, you may have to enter a search value and click Show List before the results will display.

  2. Double-click on the appropriate object that you want to use to populate the field with or select the value from the drop-down list that displayed. The field will populate.

If there are related fields using different attributes within the same class, the other attribute fields will be read-only and will be populated with the information from the object selected from the related attribute field, using the magnifying glass button. You can open the related object using the Open Object icon in the field, if available.


If you can enter text in a lookup field, you can enter partial values. A list of values that match the partial value entered is displayed. In addition, you can press F6 and a list of matching values will display for selection in a results window. If you cannot enter text into a lookup field, that field is not enabled with this feature. If you are using a database with case sensitivity, the result of pressing F6 will be case sensitive.


Depending on your configuration, you may also have the ability to use full text searching to find the object you want to select.