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WorkView Client

Foundation 22.1

When the Open Objects in the Same Window user option is selected, a history of the objects you have opened within the same window will be displayed in the header of the currently open object. Breadcrumb links are provided for the objects that have been previously opened, which allow you to navigate back to those previously opened object easily. The following is an example of an object with a history breadcrumb path, providing easy access to previously opened objects:

The red rectangle highlights the example breadcrumb path. Each object that was previously opened in the window is listed. Each object is separated by a bar (|) and they are listed in the order in which they were opened in the window. The last one listed, which does not have an active link, is the currently opened object. You can navigate to objects previously opened in the window by clicking on the link for the object within the breadcrumb path. A maximum of the last 5 objects opened will be accessible through the breadcrumbs.