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WorkView Client

Foundation 22.1

If you want to view the history of an object, in an open object click on the History button in the main ribbon. The History dialog box is displayed.

Every screen has a history and displays if a user has rights to view the history. This dialog box records the history of an object if the class and/or attributes are configured for tracking. There are several sections to the History dialog box: Object History, Event Log, Workflow Queues, and Workflow Transactions.

The Object History tab contains the following:

  • Transaction ID: a number generated by the system.

  • Transaction Date: the date and the time that the action was performed.

  • User Name: the user who performed the action.

  • Attribute Name: name of attribute.

  • Start Value: the value for the named attribute when the object was opened.

  • End Value: the value for the named attribute after the attribute change was saved.

This tab can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

You can view the entire value for an item on the History tab by double-clicking on it. A dialog box is displayed with all the details of the transaction displayed.

The Events tab contains the following:

  • Event Date: identifies the date and time that the event took place.

  • Event Type: identifies the type of event that occurred.

  • User Name: identifies the user that initiated the event.

  • Event Description: may display additional information about the event.

See the Workflow documentation for information about the Workflow related history information.

Values for Start Value and End Value can be copied from the history and pasted. To copy a value from the Start Value column or End Value column:

  1. In the Object History tab, select the row of data that contains the value you want to copy.
  2. Select the text in either the Start Value column or End Value column and press Ctrl + C on your keyboard.
  3. Paste the value as appropriate.