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WorkView Client

Foundation 22.1

If you are accessing the WorkView Client from within the OnBase Web Client, you can specify how documents open from within a WorkView object's Documents tab are displayed.

To access document viewer options for WorkView Client:

  1. In the Web Client, select Preferences from the drop-down list next to the logged in user's name.
  2. If you want documents to open in the same position on the screen, select Remember Document Viewer Window Position.
  3. If you want the same viewer to be used for each document that is opened, select Reuse Existing Document Viewer Window. This option will use the open viewer to display the newly accessed document, replacing the document that was currently being displayed.
  4. If you want to reuse the same window when opening objects, select Open Objects in the Same Window. When this is selected, in an open object, any action that opens another object would open in the same window as the current object's window. Actions that will open in the same window include opening an object via related attribute, a list box, an embedded filter, a relationship attribute within an embedded filter, or via the API.