Deleting Objects from Filter Results - WorkView - English - Foundation 22.1 - OnBase - Premier - external - Premier

WorkView Client

Foundation 22.1

If you have rights to delete objects, you can delete objects directly from a filter results list. To delete an object from a filter results list:

  1. Within the filter search results pane, select the object you want to delete. You can select multiple objects to delete by holding down the Ctrl keyboard key while selecting the objects in the results list.
  2. Click the Delete button in the filter's toolbar.

    Alternately, you can press the Delete keyboard key.

  3. A message stating Delete Object The selected object will be deleted. Are you sure? is displayed. If multiple objects are selected for deletion, a message stating The # selected objects will be deleted. Are you sure? is displayed.
  4. To confirm the deletion, click Delete Object or Delete Objects depending on the number of objects you are deleting. The object(s) are deleted.