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WorkView Client

Foundation 22.1

Filters can be used to find specific objects within a class. Depending on how a filter is configured, it will either perform a search when the filter is selected, or it will prompt you for input.

To access a filter:

  1. Click on a filter bar. Filter bars are used to group related filters together and once expanded will display the available filters.
    Alternatively, you can tab to filters and filter bar items by using the Tab keyboard key.
  2. Select a filter.
    Alternately, you can right-click on a filter bar item and select Open link in new tab or press Ctrl + Click to open the results in a new browser tab or select Open link in new window or press Shift + Click to open the results list in a new browser window.

The selected filter is marked with a tick on the filter list.

If filters are configured for user input, an Entry Constraints pane displays when the filter is selected. Enter the search parameters and click the Find button. In addition, some filters may have datasets configured for the input fields. You can use the dataset to select a value to search upon.


When searching for masked attributes, do not enter the static masked characters as part of the value.


The ~ and % characters are reserved for use with macros. Using them in a string that does not include a macro may produce unexpected results.

If you want to clear the values entered for search criteria, click the Reset button.

The following is an example of user input fields for a filter:

You can resize the search field(s) by clicking on the gripper on the right border and dragging it to the left or right.

If an attribute using a boolean data type is used for user input, a drop-down menu is displayed and allows you to search by true or false values.

If an attribute is using a dataset, a drop-down menu is displayed. Alternately, you can type a partial value and dataset values that match the characters entered will display. You can select the appropriate value by clicking on it or using the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard and press Enter when the appropriate value is selected.

If you want to search for multiple values for the same attribute, click on the plus sign to the right of attribute name and another field for the attribute will display. Use the And and Or operators to specify the appropriate search parameters.

The following search operators are available for attributes used for data entry in filters: Equal, Not Equal, Less Than, Greater Than, Greater Than Equal, Less Than Equal, Empty, Not Empty. For a more detailed description, see Search Operators.