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XML Tag Import Processor

XML Tag Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

The following must be present before a TIP process is configured:



Disk Group

A disk group must be available to store processed documents. A disk group is a logical storage area for documents and data. All data added to OnBase must be referenced from a disk group.

Document Type Group & Document Type

Documents imported using the TIP module must be associated with a document type, with an XML file format, and document type group. Create the appropriate document type group(s) and document type(s). See Configuring Document Types and Document Type XML Configuration.

Keyword Types

The Keyword Types that will be used to index the documents must be created and assigned to the appropriate Document Types.

Import Index File

The location of the import index file is specified in the Process Settings dialog box when configuring the TIP process. The import index file consists of data that will be included in the document. OnBase Keyword Types can be mapped to data within the file in order to index the document in OnBase upon import.