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XML Tag Import Processor

XML Tag Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

Field tags are used to identify information. XML tags are set up in a hierarchical tree order; therefore, when identifying field tags for TIP, you must specify the tags in an Absolute Xpath. The following file is an example of an import index file used in TIP:

The tags highlighted in yellow will be used to identify the company name to map it to the Company Name Keyword Type. The tag to identify this data for Keyword Type mapping, the field tag that would be entered in the Field Configuration dialog box in the form of an Absolute Xpath would be:


Notice that each entry in the field tag coincides with the highlighted tags.

The <PurchaseOrderRun> tag is the top most tier of the hierarchy.

The <PurchaseOrder> tag follows. Within the <PurchaseOrder> tag, there are three data content tags:

  • <Vendor>

  • <shipto>

  • <Items>

<shipto> is the next tag that needs to be identified to find the company's name. Within the <shipto> tag there are five data content tags:

  • <name>

  • <street>

  • <city>

  • <state>

  • <zip>

The <name> tag is the tag needed to identify the name of the company. All tags leading the desired data must be specified. The following example shows properly configured Keyword Type mapping for the previous sample XML file. The highlighted record shows the previous Absolute Xpath example.