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XML Tag Import Processor

XML Tag Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

Text within an element can be assigned to a Keyword Value if the last attribute value in the target element matches a configured value.

For example, examine the following snippet of a sample XML Index File:

Note that the first PartInformation element contains text that is not assigned as an attribute value. You can configure this text to fill a Keyword Value once you've identified the proper element and the last attribute value in the element in the Field Tag.

For example, you can configure the text to fill the Note Keyword Value by first identifying the correct Item element by using its partNumber attribute value (5564663), and then identifying the last attribute in the element and its value (Length=”13”). If either the element or the last attribute of the element and its value are not correctly identified in the Field Tag, the text is not assigned to the Note Keyword Type.

The Field Tag for the above example would be: