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XML Tag Import Processor

XML Tag Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

The Lock Disk Group During Processing option can help speed up processing when there are many checks or files to be stored to the Disk Group. When the Disk Group is locked, it is not necessary for the process to check for space on the drive before each save operation. This will increase the speed of processing. This option should only be selected when the process can be given exclusive access to the Disk Group drive, locking out other access to the Disk Group while the process is running. If more than one Disk Group is configured to use the same physical drive for uncommitted documents, use this option with extreme caution.

If a user is running a process and has locked the Disk Group, and another user attempts to run a process to import documents into the locked Disk Group, a Waiting for Lock message is displayed on the second user's workstation until the first process is complete and the lock has been removed.