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XML Tag Import Processor

XML Tag Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

A file name is a unique identifier for a file when it is saved to a Disk Group. The System File Name Block Size option controls the number of file names reserved for imported files. This can be used with a process that is importing a large quantity of new files to increase performance of the import process. By default, when a process creates a new file, new file names are retrieved from the database one at a time. When the System File Name Block Size option is set to a higher number, the database query retrieves several file names at one time. These file names are cached in memory in the software, which reduces the number of queries against the database when performing import processing.

The database query always retrieves the number of file names specified by the System File Name Block Size option. Set this option to the average size of the batches you are processing. The range of values available is 11000. If the process only needs one file name but the option is set to 100, 99 file names are left unused and cannot be reused.