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XML Tag Import Processor

XML Tag Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

The first options that must be configured for the scheduled process are the Schedule Configuration options on the Schedule Configuration tab. This tab is displayed by default.

  1. In the Name field, enter a name for the scheduled process.
  2. Using the Processing Workstation drop-down, select the workstation that will be used to run the scheduled process.

    This workstation will need to be running with the -SCHED or -SCHEDINST command line switch in order to run the scheduled process.

  3. If you always want the scheduled process to be run from a specific instance of the OnBase Client, select the Specific Processing Instance, then enter the name of the instance in the Specific Processing Instance text field.

    If you select the Specific Processing Instance option but leave the Specific Processing Instance text field blank, the scheduled process can be run from any instance of the OnBase Client.

  4. Using the Schedule Template drop-down, select one of the schedule templates for the process or select <Custom Schedule> to manually configure the schedule for this process.

    For information on creating a Custom Schedule or Schedule Template, see below.

  5. Select how often you would like the scheduled process to run by selecting one of the Processing Frequency radio buttons.
    • Once then Suspend. The scheduled item will be processed once, then the scheduled process is suspended.

    • Once per Day. The scheduled item will be processed once per day.


      If the scheduled item is modified, the process may be run again on the same day.

    • Once every "" Minutes. The scheduled item is processed in the interval (measured in minutes) entered in the field. The maximum number of minutes that can be entered is 99999.


    This option is only supported when the Default Daily Schedule is set to Time Range. If your Default Daily Schedule is set to Specific Time, the scheduled item will only be processed at the specified time.

  6. When you are finished setting the Schedule Configuration options, click Apply.