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XML Tag Import Processor

XML Tag Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

If there are multiple processes running on a daily basis, it may be beneficial to have the processes configured to accumulate processing information. To access this option in the Configuration module:

  1. Select Import | XML Tag Import Processor .
  2. Select a Tagged Import Processing format.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Under the Post Process Options, select Accumulate Processing Information.

This option generates a Daily Report in OnBase. This report details all of the processes that are assigned the Accumulate Processing Information option. It combines the verification reports and presents them in a single location. This allows administrators to view a single report to check all batches for the day.

To view the Daily Report, select Processing | View Daily Report in the Client module. The Daily Report is displayed.

This report details all document types that were searched for as well as the total number of documents found to date. Each batch also gets an entry detailing the file(s) processed and the number of documents in each. If an error occurred, it appears in the batch's section. The report is marked as preliminary until report is purged. Then, it is saved as a final verification report.