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XML Tag Import Processor

XML Tag Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

Two additional queues that may appear are the Incomplete Process and Incomplete Commit queue. These queues only appear if there is a batch that is currently in that state.



Incomplete Process

Contains batches that have not completed processing. The reason for this is varied. It is possible that the data was not in pure ASCII format and contained invalid characters. The processing machine could have encountered an operating system error or power could have been interrupted. If the database was shut down or disconnected from the network during processing, the batch appears here as well. After verifying and reprocessing, batches in this state must be purged.

Incomplete Commit

Contains batches that have not completed committing. The reasons vary. In most cases, the secondary mass storage or removable copies were either not available or were inappropriate. This could be a network security issue, or potentially, the workstation was shut down prior to completing the commit step. After the cause of the error has been determined, these batches should be re-committed by selecting the batch, right-clicking, and selecting Commit Selected.