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XML Tag Import Processor

XML Tag Import Processor
Foundation 23.1

The following tables explains several useful Committed queue options:



View Verification Report

Displays the Verification Report for the batch.

Print Selected

Prints the documents in the selected batch(es).

Export Selected

Exports the documents in the selected batches. (Only available if the system is licensed for Document Exporting)

Create List Report

Generates a SYS List Contents Report that contains the document names (generated via auto-name string) for the document in the selected batches.

Create Keyword List

Creates an output file containing Keyword Values. To select the Keyword Types, select the Available Keyword Type(s) on the left and click Add. Click the Browse button to designate the output file and click OK. This option is useful for creating a text file that can be imported into another system for verification or updating another application.

Run Script

Displays a list of all the custom created VBScripts the user has access to. This option will run the selected VBScript against the document selected.

Extract Index Information

Causes the system to store all Keyword Values identified during processing into an index extraction file. (An Index Extraction Format must be preconfigured for use with the file. An index extraction file (.txt) is generated in the directory location indicated in the Index Extraction Format when the TIP processor is run. The file produced can be used for viewing.


If there are multiple Keyword Values for one Keyword Type, using the F6 function, only the first value listed will be extracted

Re-Date Batch

Modifies the document dates for items in the batch. Since most document auto-name strings contain the document date, this option will rename the documents as well. Depending on the number of documents in the batch, this option may take some time.

Clear Selected

Removes the selected items. Essentially de-selects the items selected.

Select Batch Range

Allows users to select a range of batches to view in the queue. This is especially useful because the Committed queue contains all of the committed TIP batches.


Refreshes the queue. This option displays any new items that have been added to the queue since it was opened.

You may access all these options by right-clicking on a processed batch in the TIP window.